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B777-200LR Version of Captain Sim Fix 1.3.2 (Read 340 times)
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B777-200LR Version of Captain Sim Fix 1.3.2
May 29th, 2024 at 9:56am
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B777-200LR Version of "Captain Sim Fix 1.3.2 for the 777/764 Worldliner RS Mod" provided by by Mike777.

The folders in attached zip folder enable the CS 777-200LR version 1.3, available only from the MSFS Marketplace, to work with Fix 1.3.2 for the 777/764 Worldliner RS Mod provided by Captain Sim here:

For this mod to work, you MUST have purchased the CS 777-200LR in the MSFS Marketplace and have the folder "captainsim-aircraft-p172" installed in your MSFS Official/OneStore folder.

This mod originated on from Salty and Horizon Simulations, and was modified by Captain Sim to work with the latest 777 and 767-400 versions.

This mod DOES NOT provide the new animations available for the 777-300ER, as the visual model with these animations for the -200LR has not yet been provided by Captain Sim.  Please direct all questions about the new animations to Captain Sim.  When CS makes the new model available, I hope to add the animations to this modification (as I did with the 777-300ER).

The Salty, Horizon/Captain Sim mod provides more realistic weights, engine thrust and panel; I have added a typical passenger load of 317 passengers and made some other improvements. It is highly modified from the 77F version available in the original set of files at the above location.

My modifications include:
   My fix for the blanked out and non functional COM frequencies.
   My fix for the annoying EICAS "ELEC GEN OFF APU" message; now it only displays when the APU is on and the APU generator switch is off.
   Increased the lift slightly to make the aircraft take off closer to the V2 speeds provided by the Takeoff page of the FMC - suggested by Thong Teevee (but I did it differently).
   Modified the fuel flow so that it decreases with higher altitude, closer to real world behavior.
   Moved the wing fuel tank locations forward to shift the center of gravity slightly and decrease a tendency for the nose to "float" on landing.
   Aircraft now loads at gate connected to external power and with battery and navigation lights on.

Please see included Read-me for more information.

I welcome feedback on this mod.  However I  will not respond to requests for other improvements/bug fixes to the 777-200LR as I don't have the time to make them. 

I hope you enjoy!
Mike777 ( 1462 KB | 31 Downloads )
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