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Paint kit learning (Read 278 times)
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Paint kit learning
Sep 23rd, 2019 at 9:46am
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Hi gents!

So, making a livery for C-130 has been a very long and fiddly process, but lots of good learning. I'm getting close to finishing my take on a MC-130J Commando II from 67th Special Operations Squadron at Mildenhall, after fiddling around with it for a couple of months, on and off due to work and reallife activities.
While I acknowledge that it will never ever be completely correct, since I'm not painting on a MC-130J model (and there is a few differences between a MC-130J and a C-130J), there's still a few details that bugs me.

Just to be clear, I'm not really a repainter. I just started doing this because the color on many paints wasn't correct. Sometimes it was not the right color in the first place, other times the colors was more or less correct, but didn't show correctly in sim.'s escalated a little lately, so I'm mucking about with more details. Too much spare time, I guess...

So, my problem:
I've got a few spots in particular that I struggle with.

First one is the dark areas behind the engine exhaust. I need it gone, but I simply can't figure out what graphic to edit away in the .psd-files. The same applies to the ventral aerials on the engine nacelles:

Second one is this little bugger, the SKE-radome. While not there in an MC-130J, when it actually does show up in the sim, I'd like it to be a uniform color. No matter what I do, it always have this light patch:

Finally, I'd like to paint the RWRs (or whatever they are) on the nose same color as the topside of the aircraft. There's also a couple of aerials on the vertical stabilizer that I wanna paint, and I've got no clue what part og the graphics to modify:

I've got a hunch that some of these details might actually be on other files than those 8 that is included in the paintkit, but which ones, I really have no clue.

So any help is appreciated  Huh
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