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Apr 11th, 2019 at 4:28pm
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There's always room for improvement so feel free to report any issues BUT:

-2. Please remember the 777 CAPTAIN II is a port over from 32-bit version plus 14 new features. We have fixed all 32/64-bit compatebility issues, so no further development expected in 2020.

-1. Our 777 provides great value at modest cost and delivers a number of exclusive features at half the competition 777 price, but please do not expect ALL features of the competition 777 to be there.

0. Please make sure you have read the Manual. Many hundreds of handmade pages describing thousands of hard-coded features. Great reading.

1. Please report an issue if you are 100% sure it is a bug. Not sure? Please use General Discussion

2. Please use proper threads of BUG TRACKING forum.

3. One issue ONE post, please.

4. Please provide a reference to CS Manual page #.
Our Manual is based on the original Boeing's FCOM. For obvious reasons we cannot do all operators optional equipment variants.
Moreover, this is just a consumer PC simulation, so please do not expect all features of real mutly-million airplane simulated.
Anyways, it's not a bug if it's not in OUR Manual.

In some cases we can consider a reference to Boeing and/or operator's original Manual or CBT.
But any info from a third party software or from personal experience IS NOT a reference material. 

Also the Manual reference page # and/or additional Boeings' data are ABSOLUTELY required for all flight/performance related comments.
Software coding is all about math. No numbers = no coding PERIOD

5. Please provide screenshots and/or screen capture videos for each issue.
Easy to use free services:
- For the screenshots:
- For the videos:
Also you can attach an image to your forum post.

6. For all flight related floating issues (FMC, MCP, VNAL/LNAV etc):
- SAVE the scenario - press ; 
- ZIP all 3 files of the saved scenario: 
(located in %USERPROFILE%\Documents\Prepar3D v4 Files\  folder)
- Attach the ZIP archive to your post.

7. Please provide FULL version of your sim (e.g. P3D and the product (e.g. 1.402) in the first line of your report.


CS team members make marks and comments right in your post as follows:

- The red AIIR# mark in your post means: Additional Information Is Required indicating the numbers as per the list above.

- The blue SW means: Should work. So we need more users to confirm the issue.

- Highlight means the items is on the list. Which is not a guaranee the issue will be addressed.

CS team members comments are in magenta.

Please DO NOT use any text color/effect other than plain black.

Thank you all for your input!
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