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Problems with 777 (Read 282 times)
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Problems with 777
Oct 22nd, 2018 at 12:31pm
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Hi everyone.
I've posted before but received no answer. New try... Hopefully more luck this time.
- Engines spooling up from 0-full within a second.
- Taxi speed? my thrust is idle but I'm still speeding up way above 20 knots (fully loaded). Have to manually slow down nonstop!
- My 777 is cruising at FL340 vertically. Fully loaded. Not realistic. Not. At. All.
- Engine thrust is doing what it wants. In my final approach speed is set to 150 and the thrust goes automatically down to 120, slooooowly accelerates, but to slowly... Turn off autopilot and giving full thrust, trying not to stall. Well, i get the thrust but at that point the plane does whatever it wants. shots up in the sky, while going crazy in speed.
End of the story, I either crash because of stalling, or over speeding.
- Requesting help/Support, but never getting a response...

So freaking annoying! Wonder why other gets their sh*t together and CS doesn't.
I'd love to just request a refund at that point tbh.
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Re: Problems with 777
Reply #1 - Oct 22nd, 2018 at 2:50pm
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Most of the issues will be addressed in 64-bit version release. Probably we'll update the 32-bit version as well.
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