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My wish list :-) (Read 736 times)
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My wish list :-)
Jul 25th, 2017 at 1:26pm
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I decided to publish my wish list for CS 1011.
So, lets get started...

Engines, and other "basic" systems:
-Realistic engine startup (the one we actually have is way too "agresive").
-Realistic battery charging current that varies depending on level of charge.
-More realistic engine oil temperature (it drops too fast after shutdown and probably rises too fast after start).
-APU EGT rise when in MAX mode.
-Engine oil consumption and refill.

-Working wing lights.
-Working wheel well lights.
-More realistic VC lights, with smooth brightness control and separate flood and backlit.

Advanced systems (FMC, PMS, and others):
-Performance Management System, yes it would be so cool.
-Optional LTN-92 INS/GPS would be too, there is manual available somwhere for free.
-Real C-IVA from simufly website (freeware) as default navigation system, including VC. Now i have it working, but only as 2D panel. Would be nice to see "fake" C-IVA replaced by this one that has all features of real C-IVA (including DME update, ADEU, triple mix etc). Popular (i cannot mention developers name) Concorde has this "real" C-IVA as default NAV system.
-ADI depended on C-IVA (or LTN-92) alignament.
-Optional "new" AP panel.
-Optional TCAS (it is required by FAA and ICAO, so it's must, even Concorde was retrofitted with it).
-Optional "new" HSI with ground speed and distance indication.

-FAP (Flight Attendant Panel) as 2D panel that controls cabin lights and cabin emergency lights too.
-Cargo door control panel for freighter, or even VC for purser space.
-Ice buildup on leading edges, engines, windshield.
-Windshield fogging and defogging.
-FO calling RALT during landing (not sure if L-1011 ever had GPWS callouts, maybe in later variants).

-Crazy ideas:
-KC-1 version with superbug  compatibility, so we could actually refuel our buddies in MP Cheesy

-Strange things:
-I found that there are textures for brake temperature gauge. But there is no brake temp gauge in VC. So whats going on? Why isn't it implemented?

-ACE options to select:
-Choose between 4 navigation system options:
        -"Fake" C-IVA (as it is now).
        -"Real" C-IVA (freeware gauge i mentioned before) in triple config.
        -Dual LTN-92.
        -Single LTN-92 + single "real" C-IVA.
-Choose if you want TCAS.
-Choose if you want new AP panel.
-Choose if you want RALT callouts.
-Choose if you want new HSI.
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Re: My wish list :-)
Reply #1 - Jul 25th, 2017 at 3:03pm
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I'd like to add a couple of things.
1. above all I'd like to see a vertical tape engine gauge variant offered and a single cue flight director ADI like the config operated by TWA, Eastern, LTU, Saudia and others.
2. A functional radio/INS switch to allow the HSI to provide INS course and distance information.
3. a functional EPR computer with T/O, CLB, CRZ, and G/A modes. ( I would be happy to provide perf. charts and TWA manual information if needed.)
I believe a paid upgrade to these standards would sell well.
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