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Autoland Problem (Read 706 times)
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Autoland Problem
Jun 5th, 2017 at 8:33pm
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I'm having a hard time using autoland. I usually forget to update my software so I had like version 4.2 or something and it worked fine, but with the new version I'm stumped.

This is what happens, I set the ils frequency and course in the radio page of the FMC, put approach hold on as I get close, lower speed and flaps and such. I have PF3, but it did this with VOX and default ATC, but once I'm lined up with the runway and the glideslope is descending me, when I'm about 1500 feet, the localizer wigs out and starts rocking the plane, then the glideslope screws up and shoots the glideslope warning. Then I get a stall and you can imagine the rest. My approach speed is usually 160 knots or so. I used PFPX to calculate fuel and payload. My flaps were fine, landing gear down, speed was good but it won't land. The RW is set up for a full autoland, I checked Navigraph charts. I have tested it on default airports, FSDT airports, FlyTampa airports, Aerosoft, and others and it all fails.

I just don't get why this randomly started happening after an update. I tried a clean reinstall. I wanna do a transatlantic flight on the 767 but I don't want this to happen there since I know they're very similar.

Things I've tried, putting frequency and course in the ILS gauge in the pedestal, choosing the runway in the FMC arrival page, and putting the frequency in the radio page of fmc.

I do change my approach speed according to the weather. When I was doing the last flight the plane was having a hard time lining up with the runway but I assumed that was due to the winds. I use REX for weather.

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