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How to start 727 cold and dark? (Read 6954 times)
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How to start 727 cold and dark?
May 12th, 2011 at 11:39pm
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Hey i have two questions,

1- How to start the plane Cold and Dark?  I get full activated ready to start engines when load it up into FS9....

2- Can i disable the captain and ground dialogs sounds when using freighter?   Its a little unrealistic when i fly UPS and hear the captain say to flight attendats something about READY to PUSH...jejeje

Thanks in advance for support...  Cool

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Re: How to start 727 cold and dark?
Reply #1 - May 13th, 2011 at 2:49am
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Hi Webestereo,

Well, I use FSX but I think it works the same way. So, I will try.

You can use APU ( the switches are at Flight Engineer right panel ) or connect to electrical power and bleed air external sources.

After you get auxiliary power, the engine starting procedure is the same.

If you prefer to use external sources, press [BA] and [EP] buttons at [SimIcons panel] (shift+1).

1) Go to Flight Engineer (upper) Panel and check if [EXTERNAL POWER] [AC CONNECTED] switch is on. If not, turn the [GRD SERVICE] switch to ON.



4) Open the fuel valves and turn on the pumps.

5) Go to central console and rise the [MIXTURE CONTROL LEVER] [number 1] to [START] (+/- 50%). They are located below the throttle levers.

6) Go to overhead panel and turn [ENGINE START] [number 1] switch to GROUND and then turn [CONTINUOUS IGNITION] switch to ON.

7) After engine starting, rise the [ENGINE MIXTURE CONTROL] lever 1 to [IDLE] (100%).

8) Repeat the procedures to the others engines.

9) After they are all running, return to Flight Engineer Panel (upper and lower) and turn the [ESSENCIAL POWER SOURCE] knob to GEN3 and do the same thing at [SYNCHRONIZED WHEN LIGHTS ARE OUT] knob.

10) Check if all GENERATORS red lights are turned off.

11) Disconect [EXTERNAL POWER] switch and [BA] and [EP] buttons at [SimIcons panel].

PS: About your second question I think it is not possible to disable the dialogs sounds.

Hope this help.


PS2: Sorry guys, but yesterday I made a mistake about B-727 APU. Yes, there is a auxiliary power unit. Post edited.

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Re: How to start 727 cold and dark?
Reply #2 - Jan 24th, 2012 at 6:12pm
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Hi Pinatubo.

Just bought this ac in the christmas sale.

Well you are quite right, the only thing is that FS9 version has poorer panels and it's virtual cockpit is not fully clickable.

For starting purposes, simicon panel just shows FWD, OVHD, SO, APU. No throttle panel si shown so I dont know (yet) how to click over fuel mixture levers further than CTRL+SHIFT+F1 or F4.

For external power you have to press SHIFT+G. (Same for CS's FS9 707)

Great plane, though!


Antonio P&&IVAO 112192&&&&
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