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Message started by NovaSDF on May 8th, 2022 at 5:18pm

Title: Two Upgrades That Would Add a Lot
Post by NovaSDF on May 8th, 2022 at 5:18pm
I love the aircraft as a whole, but there are two things that sort of take me a bit out of the experience. Updating or adding these features would definitely impact the experience in a positive way.

The lower display that shows the fuel feed is the default for the 747, which is 4 engines. Of course, the 777 is a 2 engine jet. Changing this display would really be nice. Salty/Master Rob have done this with their addon. The issue for me is that they have moved away from having the terrain radar be functional, which I like to have when flying into unfamiliar airports in low vis.

The second feature would be the ability to render the co-pilot wen in the interior view. Salty offers this vial their MCDU for the 747 version, and you can tweak the LOD files a bit to make this happen with the A32NX. I find it is nice when flying long distances on auto pilot when there isn't much to do but sit there and let the aircraft do the work. Just feels less lonely to have company in the cockpit.

I think this would be one of my favorite aircraft with these two improvements. For now, I enjoy it, but find myself going more to the 747 on long flights, just because of addition of the copilot.

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