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Hi.....and thank you very much for your reply....the ONLY one! LOL

             I tried your suggestions but still no luck. This is very frustrating as I have never had this problem before. I put the installation file into the FSX folder and then excluded it, along with the entire FSX folder from ANY action by Kaspersky, still no luck. Same thing happens if I put the installation file on the desktop or anywhere else. I DID run it as the administrator.
             I received an e-mail from Captain Sim today telling me that they no longer support 32 bit sims. I already know that, however what I don't understand is that I am not even getting to the point of installation using my order no. I even tried getting an offline activation and that doesn't even work. That method brings up a window telling me that it basically can't find what I'm looking activation code. Generating a file for offline installation works OK but, again, I can't get to the point where I would insert that file.
             I am using Windows 7 Professional 64bit, I5 3330 processor with 16 gb of RAM with a GTX 660 video card, and have been for the last 8 years. Without getting into all of the details, I can tell you that this machine is working PERFECTLY. I have added several Captain Sim files over the years with no issues and they all still work perfectly, not to mention that I have never had an installation issue. I tried to install this file around a dozen times, including a few times with your suggestions but nothing seems to work. I KNOW I can get a refund, but what I really want is to install this file. As I mentioned before, I fully understand the fact that they no longer support a 32 bit sim BUT to me, at least, that would refer to issues that come up AFTER the installation.....maybe I'm wrong. I attached a photo of the e-mail I received today....I hope it comes through.
           By the way, as I said this computer is running perfectly and that includes 4 flight simulators..... FSX, FS9, CFS2 and CFS3. I never switched over to Windows 10 simply because a lot of the software that I'm using may not even work in it and also because it's a lot work that I'm not in the mood for..LOL. I make regular backups and know exactly what I'm doing. I know you only have my word on that.....but trust me, I wouldn't be going through all this trouble for this little file if it wasn't important to me......OR for a poorly operating machine. The LAST thing I want to do is get a refund. Having said all that..LOL...maybe there are a few more suggestions you could pass along that may help. If this file, or ANY of the files for FSX can no longer be installed, why are they even on the site for sale? I think i have around 10 to 15 Captain Sim files in FSX and there have never been any problems.
            If you have gotten this far, thank you for reading this rather long message. I have room for another 47000 characters but I think I have bored you long enough.  LOL  Have a Merry Christmas. By the way FWIW I've been "simming" for 20 years now.....first with 98SE, then XP and now Windows 7.

                                      thanks again :)  Radioguy                  

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