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Message started by Tim Capps on Jun 9th, 2021 at 7:07pm

Title: Re: P3Dv5.2 Out--Who's Going First?
Post by Steved on Jun 11th, 2021 at 2:49pm
I guess the more relevant question is CS going to support it if it does break some of their products?

Sadly, if the CS P3D line does need fixes for 5.2 I don't see them happening in the foreseeable future.

We can already see that all P3D/FSX work has stopped since the release of the MSFS 777, and CS has already stated he's working on the 777-300 and likely the Freighter as well for MSFS right now.
I am quite sure after the huge sales in this new market as opposed to the piddely pocket change he was making in P3d, CS is already planning to convert the models for at least the 737, 767 and 757 to MSFS....where the market is much larger than it ever was in P3D.

Simply economics is driving the development roadmap here, and I foresee P3d/FSX products on indefinite development hold until all the MSFS sales opportunities have dried up.  ;)

I'm still waiting to purchase the 767 when the Freighter releases as its the only model I'm interested in.  I was hoping to buy it way back when the 767 development was hot-n-heavy, when it all of a sudden stopped...then we realized it was because the 737-200 was being converted to P3d as a -300 model to be pre-released for $60.  Then it's development also just ground to a halt...then we see the lovely 777 emerge from the ashes of P3D v3 (like a Phoenix) as a beautiful new MSFS model!  :)
Since then its been 100% MSFS, full steam ahead!

Let's collectively hope that 5.2, 5.2 HF1, HF2, etc won't break any CS products or I fear they'll become hangar queens. (or folks will just stay in the version of P3d their CS products are working in) :o

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