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Message started by Old B747 Driver on Apr 10th, 2021 at 7:51pm

Title: Fuel in LBS, not KGS revisited
Post by Old B747 Driver on Apr 10th, 2021 at 7:51pm
[Similar post x-postedin the 767 forum, but also belongs here..]

Fellow CS B757 Drivers -

I know this an old issue but thought it might help a few folks out in the community like myself (see screen name adjective) who aren't ready to throw more money at Microsoft for MSFS20 or re-purchasing add-ons, etc...

In trying to solve the problem of displaying fuel quantity in pounds rather than kilograms (as the default on the overhead display) I attempted to find and/or download the files associated with the modification to the fuel display; it was originally posted by Markoz but all links appear to be dead because they were posted *a while back* (understandable, sorta).

Anyhow, piecing the solution together, I re-created the necessary modification file ("") with the necessary .xml file corrections and, as a bonus, I also modified the 4 .bmp files so that the panel reads "LBS x 1000" rather than "KGS x 1000".

It appears the .cab file is too large with the file posting size limits - if someone can direct me how to get the 6.6 MB file posted, that would probably be helpful.

I also appear to be limited in one attachment per post or I'd just post the 2 .xml files and the 4 .bmp files for others to make their own .cab file.

Any interest in this? Any ideas on how to post the .cab file for future users?

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