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Message started by SteveP on Apr 16th, 2020 at 5:44am

Title: Re: AP
Post by Markoz on Apr 16th, 2020 at 4:27pm
1. Make sure that one of the Autopilot Switches is in CMD mode, not CWS Mode.
2. After that, turn on HDG Mode and it should track the heading setting.
3. Click on the VS Switch, and set the Vertical Speed, and it should do that.
4. Make sure that you are not using IAS Mode (it overrides the VS Switch), and that the NAV Source Selector is in VOR Mode, not FMS Mode (or ONS which is for 3rd Party navigation, like the SimuFly Delco INS).

Like you see in the attached image.

Also, this topic belongs in the 1011 Captain - General forum (32bit - FSX/SE/P3D3 version), not the 1011 Captain II - General forum (64bit - P3D4 version). ;)
L-1011_Autopilot.JPG ( 169 KB | 20 Downloads )

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