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Message started by Captain Sim on Dec 16th, 2019 at 5:46pm

Post by Angel of Attack on Aug 3rd, 2020 at 2:00pm

Angel of Attack wrote on Jul 26th, 2020 at 2:01am:
Speed intervene will set VNAV PATH into VNAV SPD even when in "ON APPROACH" MODE.
The description is on Manual part II page 349 "ON APPROACH" MODE
The condition I have is:
Approaching RJBB RWY24R, with RNAV24R(trans MATAH) programed into box.
LNAV and VNAV PATH Passsing MAYAH, try to open spped window to slow aircraft down for flaps, but when speed intervene pressed, the VNAV PATH change to VNAV SPD.
Close speed window, VNAVPATH gain back.
Tried again after BB451, again it changed into VNAV SPD.
Even after FAF, I still can't get VNAV PATH in, so I have to make an V/S approach.


Here is the save flight for that condition, I tried it again, same behavoir
The procedure I use was in real plane's FCOM-NP-Landing Procedure - Instrument Approach Using VNAV, altough it's not in CS's manual 3, The related system behavoir are all in CS manual 2, so no excuse here ;)
In the save I just pass MAYAH (IAF for the approach), heading BB450, as there is a 185kts speed restrection, I need to lower the flaps, I tried to Open the IAS window for manual speed match as 757's VNAV, unlike 737's one, would not do if for me (that's well simed then :)).
I also noticed 2 more issue with in the same save, but I'll report them separately as required; ( 138 KB | 12 Downloads )

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