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Title: Re: CIVA INS Tutorial......text or You Tube
Post by Markoz on Sep 14th, 2019 at 11:51pm
Are you are loading the EGLLLEMD01 flight plan into the INS? The reason I ask is because when you first load the L-1011 II into the P3Dv4, there is a plan already loaded in the INS. It's the 1011-base.pln (VFR VOR to VOR from KVPS to KJFK), and it's needed or the INS doesn't work. Once you load a new route, it should overwrite that default route!

To get the Captain Sim INS to follow a route:

1. MODE SELECTOR Knob - NAV - after Alignment is completed (‘1011 Captain’MANUAL Part II – Aircraft and Systems, page 184, O02. MODE SELECTOR UNIT)

2. The route must be loaded into the INS either manually (entering the coordinates individually), or using Menu > Navigation > Flight Planner > Load  and then selecting EGLLLEMD01. Once back in the VC, check to make sure throute is showing in the INS by clicking on the right side screw (you should see 1(1) EGLL, 2(2) SAM, 3(3) KAPEX, etc.. which means that roiute is correctly loaded).

3. Everything is now done for the flight, so after takeoff, fly the runway  heading until you reached at least 3000', the L-1011 is clean (landing gear raised, and flaps up), have accelerated to 250 knots using the A/T, (not IAS mode, because for this test, we won't do the SID, we just want to make sure that the INS will track the route), and VS Mode selected and set to climb at 1800fpm (it doesn't matter if you have set the ALT ARM to 6000', or cruise alt of 37,000'). Once that is done:

4(a). Both Flight Director Switches - ON
4(b). Autopilot Switch - CMD (either Paddle Switch moved to the CMD position).
4(c). Heading Mode Switch - ON
4(d). NAV Switch - OFF (this is the one on the AP panel)
4(e). NAV Source Select Switch - FMS

Once you have done that, the L-1011 should start turning to intercept the magenta line between EGLL and SAM (press SHIFT+6 to bring up the MAP to verify that it is). Interestingly enough, the Heading Display flipped to 171, then 172, then 173, etc. until it settled on the best heading to intercept the magenta route line.

Note. I always leave the bottom right screw on the INS on amber, as it does the same thing as having it set to green:

‘1011 Captain’MANUAL Part II – Aircraft and Systems, page 190

28. Hidden (virtual) key – Auto-Switch Route Pages on/off
- There is no click zone if route is less or equal 9 waypoints.
- Lower right screw is amber if route is more than 1 page (more than 9
waypoints) and the lower right screw has not been pressed yet. It indicates
that you should decide which mode you will use for navigation. By default
"auto-switch route pages" will be on

If "auto-switch route pages" is on (lower right screw green or amber), next 9
waypoints will be loaded automatically when you reach leg 9-1 at the
current page. Please see NAVIGATION chapter for details.

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