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Message started by fsxpaul on Aug 13th, 2017 at 10:41pm

Title: V-One Gauge for B737-200/Adv/C/F v1.8 Update
Post by fsxpaul on Aug 13th, 2017 at 10:41pm
It's been 5 years since I've released the V-One gauge for the B737 and it's time for an update!
While Captain Sim has updated the 737 a couple of time since then, the PDSC isn't fully functional just quite yet.

I've updated the V-One gauge so you can now select Maximum Continuous Thrust climb with de-rate and EPR or IAS cruise.

This gauge has been tested in FSX Acceleration only, it's unknown if it will function in P3D.

Here are some of the features:
- All voice call-out sounds replaced.
- Captain Sim sound module used for all sounds.
- Appropriate labels are displayed when selecting specific display toggles.
- Set flap position with mouse wheel while in 'Current Flaps' display.
- Adjust trim with mouse wheel while in 'Current Trim' display.
- Maximum Continuous Thrust EPR calculated for climb with de-rate option setting (0.0 to -0.15)
- Cruise EPR hold with +/-0.001 adjustments.
- Cruise IAS hold with +/-1 knot adjustments.
- V1, Vr and V2 Datacard calculations display instantaneously when flap lever is set.
- Flap call-out during descent will repeat for flap positions 5 through 40.
- MCT drives EPR bugs while using MCT climb control.
- EPR bugs follow EPR set-point.
- Vref select toggle 15, 30, 40 (30 default)
- Automatic setting of weight, (LB/KG), pressure (inMg/MB) and temperature (F/C) based on FSX units.
- Maximum Continuous Thrust display (MCT)
- Wind display / Maneuvering Speed display.
- Altitude call-out gauge included (optional install).

Now available in the Avsim library, search for:

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