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Message started by so666 on Feb 12th, 2016 at 9:32am

Title: B52H Real Flight Characteristics
Post by so666 on Feb 12th, 2016 at 9:32am
I have been trying to modify the aircraft.cfg , to better reflect the flight characteristics of the B52H.
On different web sites , there is a bit of confusing info , but yesterday , i seemed to have most of the aircraft performing correctly , going by vids of takeoffs/landings,and in flight.
Only bits not right are stall speed clean should be 146knts , mine seems to be 120 knts,depending on which web sites info is correct , the b52h , should be able to get to 50000ft or 55000ft , well late last night i managed to get to 55000ft , but in coffin ally territory, ment engaging auto pilot,and was climbing at 200ft min , but once alt hold was engaged , the aircraft went into a steep climb , then dive,it would not capture the alt , and with a small window , of stall or overspeed at this alt, she lost control , so there is something wrong with the auto pilot on this aircraft.
I think i will have to get hold of theĀ  programe needed to alter the air file , which i was hoping not to need to do.
But as it is now , if spoilers deployed aircraft pitches up , like real aircraft , in flight i have it so you need to constantly change trim as well as elevator to get the aircraft to climb/decend, again like the real aircraft,on takeoff , she takes off level , then adopts a nose down attitude , like the real aircraft,as flaps are retracted , you have to start pulling back throttles , to prevent over speed , till she is clean , like the real aircraft.
This aircraft now needs to be wrestled around the sky , which according to vids i have seen is a characteristic of this aircraft , also when turning she dips the nose , and loses alt , till turn is almost complete , when she then starts to climb back to alt,during flight she is nose down or level ,depending on speed , or climbs with about 5 or 10 deg nose up , depending on rate of climb , and she limbs at 6000ft min to about 35000ft in a combat climb , else a 1500ft min to 3000ft min climb under normal climb outs.
If i can master the airfile , then it looks like its possible to get her performing just like the real thing,but if i do , it will not be an easy aircraft to fly.
regards alan. 8-)

Title: Re: B52H Real Flight Characteristics
Post by Lewicide on Nov 16th, 2016 at 7:12am
Did anything come of this ?

Title: Re: B52H Real Flight Characteristics
Post by kdfw on Jan 23rd, 2017 at 4:10am

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