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Message started by Markoz on Nov 3rd, 2013 at 4:36am

Title: Re: FSX Military Missions with Weapon for FSX
Post by Xpel on Nov 12th, 2013 at 8:36am
UFO Interception (FSX Military Mission for CS Weapon)

This is how (in my opinion & personal taste) FSX Missions should be. This is also a Representative sample of how FSX Military Missions (with CS Weapon use) can be.

FSX Missions is about following procedures & instructions (as in the real thing) and this is what player should do :

- Preflight checklist
- Follow instructions of  No 1.

For the Mission to be challenging & Immersive, I strongly recomend to keep aircraft labels of and use your F-18 radar to locate UFO.

This mission version is for CS Weapon users only (mission cannot completed without usage of weapons cause if you cannot destroy UFO, this will eventually arrive over L.A. - USA and then mission fails. Also non CS Weapon users, luck some files used in this mission from CS). But I will make it available for non CS users also at some time.

Mission Background :
"An F-18 pilot recalls to his memory a special day that changed his thinking perspective of reality... That day, as No 2 of "Zulu" Flight of a pair of F-18s fighters, took off to recon & intercept an Unidentified Flying Object spotted by an Airliner 150 miles away of L.A. - USA coast."


Due to luck of time, I have not embedded in mission more features that I would like (eg. moving or static Airliners, more external cameras during flight & maybe more music themes). But at some point, I will certainly add the feature of Random Mission Outcome (for replayability purposes) : A 25% chance that UFO will finally change it's course towards L.A. thus F-18 fighters will not be ordered to destroy UFO & just return to base.

Have Fun !

P.S. about the way AI F-18 behaves (trembling during flight - if it's annoying), you may keep a distance of 0.2 miles for not seeing it (staying in close formation is not critical in this mission, though is a mission challenge). This behaviour is present even in the default FSX F-18 missions and is plane dependant.

EDITED 20/11/2013 : 1.) IMPORTANT : the F-18 skin "Fighting Omars" has to be placed in CS_FA-18 & the Aircraft.cfg to be edited approprietally (not in Default FSX F-18 !!!). 2.)  Most probable reason for AI tremble, is due to the fact that it's WayPoints are far apart from each other (more than 5 miles). This shouldn't happen & I'll probably fix it at some time.

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