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Post by Xpel on Nov 3rd, 2013 at 12:26pm
Thank you Markoz for creating this new post for me, since I couldn't do it myself due to forum restrictions as I am a new member to this forum. All the above is the result of my attempt to Simulate Hellenic (Greek) AirForce - my Homeland's AirForce - with functional weapons in FSX (a project that I named HAFsx). Since I'm kind of "deep" in FSX mission building, CS FSX Weapon as an add on, fits & fullfils in an excellent way my project.

Here are the links for all three missions :

1. STRIKE AT LIBYA (Ground Attack) :
2. STRIKE AT LIBYA (Interception) :

First 2 missions (STRIKE at LIBYA) can also be found at CS Weapon Liveries, in Captain Sim's site.

Since I had a question from a forum member about AI targets, there is the "Know How" to convert any FSX SimObject to a Destructible Target for CS Weapons.

First of all : What is the phrase "if it's a true SimObject, it can be destroyed" refering to ?

Well, any plane, vehicle, ship, heli or even animal... etc that is "flyable" or "driveable" if you prefer in FSX, is a "true" Sim Object that can be locked & destroyed by any CS weapon. This simply means that can be tracked by CS Weapons as being an "Airplane".

All objects included in my "mission target pack" are of this category & can be flown or driven by selecting them in Free Flight ("Change Aircraft") cause FSX "understands" these objects as Aircafts, as mentioned above !.... An example of FSX SimObject converted into "true" SimObject (included in my targets pack) are U.S.S Fitzgerald & Port Royal, Cruiser & Destroyer accordingly.  

Here is a video demonstrating the process in detail :

Up to this step, your Object can be locked by CS Weapons, have attached explosion effects after impact but cannot be destroyed. For this to happen (& be "drivable"), you must add Aircraft.cfg and an .air file. For the Humvee (see video below) I used the files from inside STALWART armed track (contained in "target pack") but can be used any :

Edit the Aircraft.cfg file to corresponding fields (for something recognisable), delete sim.cfg, and that's it. Now you can drive your object in Free Flight & is destructible by CS Weaps.

Another important thing to consider is that this way, your "Aircraft" SimObject can also be tracked by your plane's radar (if it's equiped with radar tracking AI Traffic). This is a great feature in missions, since player is guided to the Airborne or Ground targets using his Radar (and not the Red Labels) thus increasing immersion !...

So if you want to turn a certain FSX SimObject to a target for your weapons, this is how you can do it.
Here is a site with [b]lists of the fsx objects
that you can convert to "true" SimObjects (driveable in FSX) :

Make sure that you can locate these objects in FSX/SimObjects/Airplanes or Boats or GroundVehicles.
To place your objects, you will have to use my "simple mission editor".

Just for the fun of it, I converted the default FSX Humvee to a "true" simobject just yesterday & a video destroying it with a laser guided bomb is here :

This way you can have all the targets that you want for your CS Weapons. (and not just civilian airplanes as targets in your videos !...  ;D)

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