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Message started by JULIO THOMAZ on Jul 13th, 2013 at 3:21am

Title: Re: CS Weather Radar and Prepar3D
Post by Markoz on Jul 13th, 2013 at 2:53pm
Hi Julio.

The CS WXR does work in P3D. I don't think you can install it directly into P3D, but if you have FSX and P3D installed, here is what you can do:
1. Copy Captain_Sim.r001.P04.CAB and WXR.dll files from FSX\Gauges to P3D\Gauges.
2. Copy the WXR folder in FSX\Captain_Sim\ to P3D\Captain_Sim\.
That completes the copying. BUT if the WXR Editor doesn't work, you can add the entries into the panel.cfg manually. Like so:

Under [Window Titles], add WindowXX=CS Weather Radar, where XX is the next consecutive numbered gauge. I.e. If the last entry is Window05=Mini Panel, the weather radar entry would be Window06=CS Weather Radar.

At the end of the panel.cfg, you would add the corresponding window:

gauge00=WXR!wr_display, 81,32,364,279
gauge01=Captain_Sim.r001.P04!P04_radar, 0,0,525,386

WindowXX= and [WindowXX] MUST be the same or you won't see the gauge!

I placed a box around the P3D Academic License watermark!

[edit]The default FSX C172, along with several other default FSX aircraft, was copied over to P3D, that's why it's seen in the pic! :D[/edit]

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