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Message started by ottoramsaig on Apr 28th, 2013 at 6:17pm

Title: Re: New to FSX Weapons with a question
Post by Xpel on Nov 2nd, 2013 at 12:13pm
Since I had a question about targets, I would like to share a "Know How" for whoever might be interested.

How to make "flyable", ie "Driveable" SimObjects (to serve as CS Weaps targets).

First of all : What is the phrase "if it's a true SimObject, it can be destroyed" refering to ?

Well, any plane, vehicle, ship, heli or even animal... etc that is "flyable" or "driveable" if you prefer in FSX, is a "true" Sim Object that can be locked & destroyed by any CS weapon. This simply means that can be tracked by CS Weapons as being an "Airplane".

All objects included in my "mission target pack" are of this category & can be flown or driven by selecting them in Free Flight ("Change Aircraft") cause FSX "understands" these objects as Aircafts, as mentioned above !.... An example of FSX SimObject converted into "true" SimObject (included in my targets pack) are U.S.S Fitzgerald & Port Royal, Cruiser & Destroyer accordingly.

How to make "flyable", ie "Driveable" any of the FSX SimObjects ("true" SimObjects):


I made this Topic to show people How to make simobjects such as cars, boats and even Animals Flyable
heres how:
first you need to go to your fsx.cfg
C:\Documents and Settings\<user name>\Application Data \Microsoft\FSX\
is were it is located
After you opened your fsx.cfg find the line saying
User Objects=aeroplane, Helicopter
and replace it with this
User Objects=aeroplane, Helicopter, Boat, GroundVehicle, Animal
save and exit
Add a panel and sound to your Vehicle
now open the sim.cfg
and add
ui_manufacturer=FS VEHICLES
open fsx and enjoy

( Link of Quote - nzff(dot)org/forum/index(dot)php?showtopic=10434 )

Here is also a video demonstrating the process in detail : 3xw(dot)youtube(dot)com/watch?v=AchCWoaxheA  - (replace (dot) with . )

So if you want to turn a certain FSX SimObject to a target for your weapons, this is how you can do it. Of course since in FSX except BMP & BTR all other objects are civilian, maybe is not much point to this. I didn't bother with this procedure too much (except converting a missile from free FSX Weapons pack4 to a flyable for some tests in a mission...), since my "Targets pack" covers most of my Military Targets "needs" in missions and also this job is already been doing by the guys developing FSX@War project.

Anyway, here is a site with lists of the objects that you can convert to "true" SimObjects (driveable in FSX) : lc0277(dot)gratisim(dot)fr/sceneobjects/

Make sure that you can locate these objects in FSX/SimObjects/Airplanes or Boats or GroundVehicles.
To place your objects, you will have to use the SDK Placement Tool (?...) or my "simple mission editor".

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