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Message started by collins1234 on Apr 24th, 2013 at 7:29am

Title: Re: Landing Gear - Mapping keystrokes and buttons
Post by Markoz on Apr 24th, 2013 at 12:17pm
Not sure how to map them without using FSUIPC and Linda.

LANDING GEAR (and the DRAG CHUTE buttons if you are interested) are contained in the cs.sso.CAB file.

LANDING GEAR ARM button (GearArmInd):
gauge17=cs.sso!GearArmInd, 244,730, 24,29

LANDING GEAR DOWN button (GearInd):
gauge16=cs.sso!GearInd, 296,730, 24,29

The Drag Chute buttons.

DRAG CHUTE ARM button (ChuteArm):
gauge28=cs.sso!ChuteArm, 336,301, 27,25

DRAG CHUTE DEPLOY button (ChuteDpy):
gauge39=cs.sso!ChuteDpy, 386,301, 28,24

DRAG CHUTE JETTISON button (ChuteJett):
gauge30=cs.sso!ChuteJett, 676,300, 27,24

Hopping that with that info, you might be able to get them working how you want. Besides all that, the gear deploys with the joystick button I have associated with the Gear Lever in FSX, but I have never bothered to arm them in the CS Space Shuttle (maybe in my initial flights in it when I first got it I might have).

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