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Message started by Captain Sim on May 30th, 2012 at 9:03pm

Post by Jammerjonn on Jul 15th, 2015 at 9:44pm
I have the same problem...sort of. I did install 1.6 to 777-200. As soon as the DX9 or 10 VC cockpit shows the plane at the gate, I hear 3 different warning sounds the throttles go to full power and even through I have the brakes on, it drives through the airport buildings. I asked CS for any suggestions and I got 3 back. #1 read the manual ( I did print out both of them and this isn't included in either one) #2 load a preflight-there's 2 one on the runway to somewhere or one as a passenger! or #3 try "Cold and Dark"??? That's not an option or in either manual! I think a sim like this should always start cold and dark just like a real pilot would find the aircraft. Do a pre flight board passengers and fly and then do a post flight shut down. After all that's why we got the manuals. But there is no where in them that tells you how to do that. Why can't we start at our airport of choosing, and taxis and fly to another airport. Just like the basic FSX way. Why start with a pre loaded flight which I don't what. Is there a aircraft.cfg file to edit??? CS "Customer Service" isn't helpful or caring once you buy the product "Don't bother us" I guess it's business as normal. >:(

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