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NaMcO wrote on Jun 5th, 2012 at 12:10am:
Everyone seems to forget that this is a test version. It will be finished soon, with our help - We're meant to help find the issues and enumerate them, not complain that it doesn't work because they know about it already.


1) Aircraft cannot taxi. There's no control over steering yet.

2) When airborne after slewing it into a runway, the aircraft banks heavily to the left.

3) Rudder inputs don't work and make the rudder shake

4) Elevator doesn't seem to be working yet. Had to trim a LOT to get the T7 airborne.

Typical symtoms of the sys.gau glitch. KSEA flight will help...

  I loaded the KSEA flight and all went ok, axcept that in another flight wheels didn't appear. But, close FSX and pc, at re-opening them the same problem. Quite frustrating. Right now I'm loading again the KSEA flight, but I don't think this is a procedure, but a stress. Quiute disappointing, actually, especially if this happens in a CapSim airplane. I purchased all its planes without any problem so far. Except this 777.

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