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Message started by slakr007 on Dec 9th, 2011 at 12:28am

Title: 727 + CIVA INS
Post by slakr007 on Dec 9th, 2011 at 12:28am
I have been using the CIVA INS add-on with the 727 for a while now and just started encountering a problem.  Essentially, after engine start, the "BAT" light illuminates on all three units and all they die shortly thereafter.

Has anyone else encountered this...maybe it's a bug in the CIVA unit?  I suspect it has something to do with switching from the APU to the engine-driven generators.

When starting the engines, I have the APU running with the field and generator breakers closed to supply power.  The bus tie breakers and engine field breakers are closed while the engine generator breakers are open.

After starting the engines, I check that the engine generators are generating power, then close the engine generator breakers one at a time...which trips the APU generator breaker.  I then switch to using the engine 1 generator.

That's pretty much the way the checklist describes it.  Maybe I am doing something wrong, though.

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