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This information is covered in the manual, but I'll give you a quick look at the 727-100 autopilot.

This is a break down of the areas of the 727-100 autopilot.

From left to right:

Autopilot Mode selector- [ 1 ] allows you to select manual mode which is where the switch is in this picture, or you can select the three radio modes called:

NAV/LOC - this mode will track a VOR radial or the localizer part of the ILS.

AUTO G/S - automatic capture of ILS. You must capture the LOC first and then capture the G/S from below.

MAN G/S - forced capture of the ILS

Next is pitch and roll.- [ 2 ] The knob turns left and right to roll the plane in a turn, and the knob also can pivot up and down to control the pitch of the plane. The roll and pitch is controlled by using the mouse. When you mouse over the control, a hand appears and by pushing the mouse button you can drag the knob left or right to turn the plane. Also, when you place the mouse over the narrow front of the knob and make short taps on the mouse button the pitch will change. This requires very small taps of the mouse button otherwise you will OVER control the pitch and loose control of the plane. You can observe the ADI and watch the pitch change as you make small taps of the mouse button. You can also look for a mouse over message that will show you the pitch change. Place your mouse on the aft or fat part of the knob and make a short tap of the left button (see picture below). This will cause the pitch to increase. The line through the knob shows the pivot point. The double headed arrow line is trying to show that the knob can pivot on that axis. This takes some practice and is some times a royal pain to use, but it was a pain in the real plane as well. The latter autopilot in the 727-200 has a pitch wheel which works much better.

Aileron Paddle - �[ 3 ] engages the aileron channel of the autopilot. You can engage just the aileron channel of the autopilot and control the pitch with the yoke.

Elevator Paddle - �[ 4 ] controls the pitch channel of the autopilot. Will not engage unless the aileron paddle is engaged. Engaging these paddles turns on the autopilot. You can manually pull the paddles off, or hit the yoke disconnect button [Z]. If you pull the ELEV paddle off the AIL channel will stay engaged. If you pull the AIL paddle off the whole autopilot turns off.

ATL HOLD - �[ 5 ] engages the altitude hold part of the autopilot. The autopilot will attempt to hold the altitude at the time the switch is turned on. If you are climbing or descending when you flip the switch the autopilot will go through a few pitch oscillations before it settles down. Try to be level, or at a very small reading on the IVSI before turning on this switch.

HDG SEL - �[ 6 ] only works in manual mode. It follows the heading bug in the Captain's HSI.

HYD Selector - �[ 7 ] allows you to control which hydraulic system the autopilot uses to control pitch. The A-B position is used to supply a redundant source of hydraulic power for an autopilot approach.

I hope this helps. It takes a bit of trial and error to get the results you want. Use the autopilot and play with the various modes until you get a comfort zone.


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