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Message started by JayG on Feb 21st, 2011 at 5:11pm

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Post by CoolP on Mar 26th, 2011 at 5:55pm
Sounds bad, indeed.

From reading the books and watching the videos (you are right, I'm a fan) I wouldn't have thought that she struggles that much on "3 out of 4".
Sure, the high flying supercruise is ended then and, if an airfield is in range, nobody would continue but land and check the problems, right?
Would a 747 continue to fly across the Pond when having lost 1 engine?

Concerning the ticket prices, there's a funny story around that they were actually raised after the airlines asked their passengers about them. They all guessed the wrong, much higher than current, price since their companies seemed to have done the booking.
The airlines then lifted the prices to the guesswork values.  :D

Don't worry, I didn't expect much admiration towards the European Express here. I think, without doing it in an offensive way, that every pilot raises some sort of bias towards his most flown manufacturer.
The interesting things happen when they (are forced to?) change it, gaining the left seat experience in both (or more) worlds. What will they name as their favorite then?
All the stories and impression in between are full of those "needles", aiming to show which is the better one. Normal business in some way. Always funny and interesting reading from both sides.

All pilots of the Concorde transitioned of course, flying Boeing (many Captains in the later years came from the 747) or other planes before and even they seem to speak with a :P when they do their PA.

Since the aviation business is a highly political one (e. g., remember that, now, Boeing Air Force Tanker deal? Oh boy! ;D), those mentioned "needles" add the things to smile about while the political stuff stays something which doesn't always fit in the oh so nice public picture of friendship between countries.

Lou, I had some question in mind lately, concerning an emergency behaviour but it seems if lost it for now. Can't remember the situation.
But expect me to ask later.

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