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Post by LOU on Jan 2nd, 2020 at 4:03pm
Bruce,  very sad to read about your wife... so very sorry.

As you say in your note, yes I've been very busy working on Viking Ocean Cruises. In 2019, my wife and I spent over eight months on Viking ships.  We did a "round" the world from Miami to London - 128 days.  It was fantastic!  Then in July and August, we did the Alaska Inside Passage on the Viking Orion. On this ship there is a multi-million dollar planetarium and telescopes.  I am the Viking Resident Astronomer and get to play with all the toys!  8-) Then in November & December we worked an almost two month cruise that started in Venice, IT and ended in Chile.

Of course, I still present talks on flying where I use the Captain Sim 757 and do a flight from one city to another, along the cruise route, where the ship's passengers are in the cockpit with me as I enter the plane at one of the gates and start the plane from "cold & dark," load the computer and do a flight in real time.  The passengers love being in the cockpit and see everything I do to make the flight.  I present the flying in a theater on a fantastic wall of 1080P LED's.  This is a really fantastic way to enjoy the flying on this high resolution 25 X 14 foot wall.  It would be really great if you could find a way to take a cruise with us on Viking.  My next cruise is from Hong Kong to Mumbai in March.

On another note, during the world cruise, we were able to meet up with Mark and his wife in Geelong, Australia.  They were able to join us for lunch on the ship and Mark & I were able to play with the simulator and do some flying of the CS planes.

Get back into flying and keep busy.  Keep in touch with us here on the CS forum.


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