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Post by LOU on Oct 14th, 2018 at 7:44pm
When I was a new flight engineer, back in the 60's, we had a few really funny captains that made flying fun. One such was a captain who could play the harmonica. He was very good and was known to the air traffic controllers as "Musical Walt." When the weather was good and traffic light instead of talking on the radio, he would use his harmonica to answer a hand-off from center to center. It would go like this - TWA 456, change to Cleveland center 134.8. Walt would answer with a quick musical tune. When he checked in with Cleveland center he would key the mic and just do a quick tune. The center response would be - TWA 456, radar contact FL350. Some trips we could go across the country and hardly ever speak. All the controllers would know of Walt and the centers would just inform the next center about musical TWA.

Walt also had a really small harmonica he would hide in his cheek. When one of the flight attendants would come to the cockpit Walt would tell the girl he had a war wound and could play the harmonica through his ear. No way said the F/A! Walt would then take the full size harmonica and place it to his ear and wrap his ear around it while using the mini harmonica stored in his cheek to play a tune. The result was really funny to see their face!  8-)

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