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Message started by mhlarsen on Sep 9th, 2009 at 9:45am

Title: Re: Wx Radar and C-130 X
Post by James F. Chams on Sep 25th, 2009 at 8:24am
Mr. Michael "mhlarsen,"

Yes, I will show you how.  But, please, remember that CaptainSim may do something else with it in the future; but, for now, with version 1.3 this should work.

INSTALLING Wx Gauge into C-130 VC

1. Install WX gauges into the C-130 Model using the WxEditor tool.

2. [FOR EACH Model] Open the C-130 "Panel.cfg" file using Notepad and look for the statement in RED.
It should look something like this...

[Window20] <-- This is the Wx Gauge you just installed.  But, the Window number may differ from yours if you've made changes with other tools.
visible=1 <--- Change the default value from 0 to 1
gauge00=WXR!wr_display, 81,32,364,279
gauge01=Captain_Sim.r001.P04!P04_radar, 0,0,525,386

3. then, scroll up/down further in the file to find...

// gauge00=Captain_Sim.c130.radar!RADAR,0,0,255,255 <--- Remark this statement by adding " // " in front of it.  If you don't it WILL cause conflicts with the Wx Gauge statement below.
gauge00=WXR!wr_display, 10,15,240,240 // Added by James F. Chams @2009.  <--- Add the following statement into your file.

4. Save the File and Launch FSX.
5. Once you've loaded your aircraft within the flight, Open the Cockpit 2D panel. (Use SHIFT + A or just "A" to toggle to the 2D screen view)
6. Turn the Wx Radar Gauge ON and wait for it to light up; program all your settings in the 2D Panel [Only].

7. Press "A" again to switch to the VC and Enjoy your Wx Radar in flight.

NOTE: In the VC you can still click on the TCAS/Wx display screen and see the 2D Pop-up with TCAS info. if, you turn it on.  Or, you can change that 2D display, too, to show that Wx Radar instead.  If you want that, too, let me know.

Good Luck!  ;)

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