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KNOWN ISSUES (Read 1038 times)
CS Team

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Jan 2nd, 2018 at 5:57pm

The following items have been forwarded to our developers for confirmation:

043 The Egg Timer on the overhead panel does not ring when reaching 0. 1.1 - Instrument Panels & Overhead - Page 8

045 The engine start-up spool is very unrealistic. It shoots to 35% N1 before stabilizing at 20%.

046 There should be no correlation between the exterior model animation, which should have literally two positions, closed and open, and the throttle axis position. Reverse selected, sleeve opens - Not in reverse? sleeve closes.

047 Target EPR progressively decreases during takeoff roll. Started takeoff with a target of 1.43, by rotation speed that had dropped to 1.3 something, cant recall exact, but as speed built EPR dropped.

048 FMC target speed in Mach and actual Mach off by 1.3 Mach. Target is .780. Aircfraft cruising at .763.

049 PART II page 340.
At cruise altitude, the FMC commands economy cruise speed or the pilot
entered speed until reaching the top-of-descent (T/D) point. Alternate cruise
speed options are:
 long range (LRC)
 engine out (ENG OUT), or
 flight crew entered speed. 
VNAV speed/Mach mismatch.
while VNAV engaged,Aircraft is not maintain the  MACH that I`ve enter in CRZ page.  Aircraft is at FL340, FMC programed to FL340.

050 757 Captian Manual 2,page 104
Pitch mode
TO -
On the ground, TO annunciates by selecting either F/D switch ON when both flight directors are OFF. The flight director pitch bar indicates an initial pitch of approximately eight degrees up.
The pitch command bar should be in nose up position when flight director is switch on.
as of now. the pitch command bar "jump" from level to nose up when AT mode goes to THR HOLD on takeoff.

053 I have been trying to load P3Dv4 flight plans via the CDU but unfortunately it doesn't load them onto the LEGS page. I have P3D4.0

058 Fuel burn

069 My ECON Mach Number is always calculated at almost M.78, regardless of the CI used.
At CI50 I get M.780, at 999 M.786.
These are much to close to each other.

070 this is with any second consecutive leg that I do; my EPR button will not work. I will then slowly increase my throttle and by the time I get past half of the runway, it will seem to erase my flight plan and initialization data that I had put in.

072 The little flaps indicator when going through flaps quickly skips from Up - 1 then rest is smooth animation. Same thing when going from 1-up. This only seems to happen when quickly going through your flap settings. It only seems to do this between 1 and up.

076 "Unhandled exception has occured in your application" I get this messge in ACE when I go to the payload manager for the PW2037.

077  After selecting the Arrival and approach for LOWI the winds changed and I changed the approach...doing so required removing a couple of waypoints. As soon as I selected the waypoint I wanted to go direct to and clicked on the line select key to place it in the next waypoint slot I got a CTD.
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